In order to achieve the above, we have developed a set of values that run throughout our care, recruitment, and training and development processes. For example. we interview prospective carers using our values based questions to establish whether the interviewee is suitable or not, and thereafter, our values are woven into team meetings, supervisions, and training.

is at the heart of everything we do for our clients, combining humanity, kindness and care.

We value each of our clients as an individual. We respect their aspirations and commitments and seek to understand and promote their priorities, needs, abilities and limits. When providing care, we treat our clients with dignity, we aim to support and empower them and to respect their right to make their own decisions.

Everyone responds to a smile. We believe that there is always time for a smile, no matter how busy life is. We know some of our clients spend long hours alone and look forward to our carers’ visits to brighten their day. We aim to recruit cheerful staff and expect them to try to leave their problems at home and to do their best to bring a smile to all those they see or speak to during the course of the working day. We also believe this applies to office staff using the phones for much of the day because we believe that you can always hear a smile!

We firmly believe in taking into account the views of all those involved in the care of our clients -social workers, family members, doctors, nurses, office staff and carers – and in working with them all. Each carer is a valued part of our team and we listen to our carers and value their contribution and input, given that they see our clients on a daily basis and are often the first to notice changes in the wellbeing and health of our clients.

We are open and honest about our service. We say what we can and cannot do, we will provide our clients with the service that we have undertaken to provide and will not take on a client where we do not have the capability to provide the service needed. Our fees are transparent: we charge our clients in line with what we have recorded in our contract – there are no hidden fees. While we work hard to provide the highest quality service, if we get it wrong, we will say, and we will learn from what went wrong and make appropriate changes to our service and to our operations to improve the service we provide. We believe in a non-hierarchical and “open door” approach, whereby any member of staff can speak to senior management and the directors. We seek to employ care workers who are able to take responsibility and who are not afraid to own up if they get something wrong, and who are willing to learn and develop from their mistakes and who have the courage to speak out if they see something that they think is wrong.

We believe that we can only provide the best possible care if we recruit, train, invest and retain the best staff who share Essential Homecare values and who are committed to Essential Homecare’s vision. We value our staff for their commitment and passion in providing our clients with great care. We recognise that mistakes do occur, but when they do, we expect an honest reflection from all those involved so that future errors can be prevented.